“First Time I Used This Method,
It Changed My Life Forever”

Quantum Physicist reveals how to master “The Law of Attraction”!!

Be sure to read every word of this because the secret ingredient for getting everything you desire is hidden here.

If you think what you have seen in “The Secret” DVD or book was interesting, wait ’til you see what I have to show you…”The Secret Behind The Secret“. This is for those who want to Master The Law of Attraction.

There are only two types of people:

  1. Those who Master The Law of Attraction and Apply it (Winners of the game of life!)
  2. The rest, including those who think The Law of Attraction is about just visualizing and daydreaming

How many people do you know who can honestly say they are living their dreams?

Are you?

Even if you know about the power of “The Law of Attraction” and other manifestation techniques, you might not be getting all you can out of them.

In fact, most people give up trying to attract what they want within a few months! They don’t see the results they’re looking for, and throw the baby out with the bath water!

“How Many Times
Have you wondered When
The Real Change
Is Going To Happen in Your Life?”

You don’t have to wonder anymore!

Hi, I am Dr. Eric Amidi. I am a Quantum Physicist.

I was part of a group who discovered Top Quark, the last subatomic particle, at Fermi National Laboratory in 1995.

My many years of research in Physics, Philosophy, and Spirituality have led me down a path that has crossed yours today.


As Quantum Physics tells you and you can see in real experiments, the reality of the universe out there is not independent of your views.

What I want to share with you today is that, when you take few easy steps, you can…

“Start Turning Your Life Around Today”

The problem with most manifestation guides is that they teach you all of the concepts, but none of the “meat.”

If you’ve ever been left wondering “What do I do with all of this great information?,” you know exactly what I mean.

The truth is, most manifestation teachers don’t know how to apply what they are talking about. They don’t understand the scientific principles behind the Law of Attraction, so they can’t tell you what to do when you run into delays or problems.

After studying how the greatest achievers and miracle workers of different cultures and religions performed miracles, I put together my findings in an ebook.

When you read my ebook, you’ll see you can choose what to have and who to be in this world, from many many possible realities out there.

When you read the method that I show you, you can manifest anything you desire in your life.

This is exactly how Miracle Workers, Kahunas, and Shamans do it.

First time I came across this Method, it blew my mind and changed my life forever.

You too can…

“Create Abundance Quickly And Easily
– Like the 1% Richest People Do”

But here’s the news… everyone can be a miracle worker. There is a science behind it.

How is it that sometimes you can drive from office to home, without remembering how you got home?

Because, you do it subconsciously, like an autopilot.

That’s exactly how successful people attract abundance. They go through their lives and make all the right turns, effortlessly.

When you follow the steps in this method, you program yourself to achieve anything effortlessly.

How? This ebook shows you exactly “How”.

In “The Secret Behind The Secret”, I will show you how to “Understand the science behind the Law of Attraction”

“When You Know
Why And How The Law of Attraction Works,
Using It Will Be Easy”

The greatest minds in the history knew why and how the secret works.

They knew they could change the reality of universe to manifest their most inconceivable desires into life; what ordinary people call miracles.

Here’s what the greatest physicist in the history said about this Secret…

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

“Here’s What You Experience
Soon After You
Use This Method…”

  • You will start experiencing Synchronicities – Meaningful coincidences related to what you want to manifest.
  • Serendipitous events start pouring into your life – Suddenly, it seems everyone and everything wants to help you to get you what you desire.
  • People and places are suddenly so accommodating to your desires.
  • Your Reality starts shifting, even though you may be around the same place and people that you were before.

“This Book Will
Change Your Life Forever”

Here’s what you will find in this book:

  • The 3 Hidden Forces in you – Make them work together to make things happen like miracle.
  • 3 Habits you must adopt to change your luck starting tomorrow.
  • 12 Things you must know before applying The Law of Attraction.
  • 4 Major blocks to manifestations – How to blast them away for good.

But before you download the ebook you have to promise me that you:

  • Use this powerful method for good only.
  • Don’t kick yourself in the head wishing you had known this long time ago – Apply it NOW. Better late than never.

“This Book Summarizes Everything
You Will Need To Know To
Manifest Your Desires In Your Life”

When you read this book, you unravel:

  • The science behind The Law of Karma
  • The science behind The Power of Letting Go
  • The science behind Giving and Receiving

I am a scientist. I am practical and direct to the point. I look for results. So:

“If You Are Serious About The Law of Attraction
This Book Is For You”

“The book helped me get back on my path. I am once again focused. Thank you.”

Mary Huivenaar, Stratford Ont.

Aspects of Your Life: Health, Wealth, Happiness…you name it! Program Yourself for Ongoing Success

Get Over Old Stumbling Blocks and Finally be Free from The Past! Create the Life You’ve Been Dreaming About!

“Here’s How It Works…”

When you click on the order button, you’ll go to a secure order page. There you’ll be able to enter your credit card information (You can also order by PayPal if you choose). Your order will be processed by a Secure Server and you will immediately be taken to a page where you can download the ebook.

Your transaction is secure—using our secure server, your order information is transmitted using the latest SSL encryption technology to ensure complete and total privacy and security.

The whole process takes as much time as it takes you to enter your information – you’ll be reading the book within minutes.

The ebook is 125 pages and comes in pdf format which can be used with any standard pdf viewer (virtually every computer comes with a pdf viewer installed). You can either read the book directly on your computer screen, or print it out and read it whenever and wherever you want.

“My Promise to You…”

I’m so confident this book will help you that I will give every cent. back to anyone who isn’t 100% satisfied with it after reading it.

I offer an 60 day no-questions-asked refund policy. If after you’ve read the book and tried the techniques you feel that it wasn’t worth every penny, simply tell me and I will refund your order immediately, no questions asked, no hassle.

“This Is The Only Book Out There
With So Much
Jam-Packed Secrets About The Law of Attraction”

Don’t waste your time and money on tons of books, seminars, and classes that can cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

I spent years of research and have summarized everything you need to Master The Law of Attraction in this ebook for only $37. Yes, you can change your life’s path for less than the cost of a dinner for two!

Just promise that when you attain your desires, be it millions of dollars, health, great relationship, or never-ending happiness you include me in your prayers.

You’ll Also Get This Additional Bonus

Quantum Mechanics

When you invest in this eBook right now, you’ll also receive a bonus eBooklet that contains my NEWEST material…

In this ebooklet, “The Quantum Worldview — Fundamentals of the Most Empowering Belief System”, I explain the principles of a Worldview that is closely tied to the principles of Quantum Mechanics. Unravel the Quantum Worldview and you can have an unshakable belief in achieving your desires.

You’ll learn:

  • Why Reality of the World is subjective
  • A Simple and easy description of the principles of the Quantum Worldview
  • How you can use this worldview to supercharge your belief in manifesting your desires

What people are saying about this book?

“There are numerous books that have focused on personal success. However, they seem to miss the mark when it comes to explaining HOW to apply their concepts. This is where Dr. Amidi’s book is exceptionally strong. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking to apply The Secret in their personal life.”

Gary Kimmons, CEO,eDoorways.com

“Your book did indeed, give me the “nuts and bolts” of the secret. I read it from cover to cover easily and quickly. Yet, sooo much information in such a small book. I won’t say that I was overwhelmed however…perhaps just whelmed. Yet very impressed. Your drawing of the three selves in agreement with the Universe was just FANTASTIC!”

Martin Noone, Massachusetts, USA

What would you feel like tomorrow morning if you could wake up and know the day was going to go your way?

What if everything holding you back was instantly cleared away and you could see your path to success laid out before you?

What if you knew that your every wish and dream was about to come true?

Pretty exciting, isn’t it?

In “The Secret Behind The Secret”, I show you:

  • The scientific principles behind the Law of Attraction… and how you can really put it to work for you.
  • The biggest mistakes people make when trying to consciously create their dreams… and what you can do to avoid it.
  • The three things that make the difference in your manifestation process.
  • Why prayers go unanswered, and what you can do to fix the problem.
  • The steps you can take on a daily basis to remove past programming, and finally see change in your life.
  • Why most manifestations fail… and what you can do to ensure that they work.
  • How to open up the floodgates of abundance in your life.

“The Secret Behind The Secret” will remove all of your previous problems with the Law of Attraction.

If you’ve ever wondered “Why isn’t this working for me?” you owe it to yourself, and your dreams, to make this book yours today.

ou’ll be exposed to the truth about manifesting the life you deserve.

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“Dear Eric, I’ve been practicing The Secret Behind the Secret since I received it in September and can’t begin to tell you the change in my life. I successfully achieved my dream job! I sailed through two brutal interviews and a one hour exam and was called two days later. I’m happier, at peace with my past, and am able to forgive and let go from past trauma. I can’t thank you enough for sharing this wonderful Secret for a price that everyone can afford. You were blessed with this knowledge and were trusted to share it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Most sincerely, Debi Steele

“The ebook has been phenomenal. I’ve been trying to put its techniques to practice and use and are finding that when properly done, the Law of Attraction seems to work! I have a lot of great things going on in my life and can’t believe how powerful the law of attraction is. The book is definitely helping me become a better person and achieve things that I would usually think aren’t possible. Thanks for keeping up with me. I look forward to hearing of your recent discoveries. Happy Manifesting!”

Shawn R, from Englewood, Colorado

You’ll see how people just like you have experienced absolute miracles in their relationships, their bank accounts and their physical, mental and emotional health. You’ll find out how they took these same principles and changed their lives for the better.

This guide is like nothing you’ve ever read on the subject of manifestation, the Law of Attraction, developing a mindset for success or any other self-improvement topic out there.

With “The Secret Behind The Secret” you’ll finally be armed with the information that you need to make the manifestation process work for you.

Using the Law of Attraction doesn’t have to be “hit or miss” anymore. This guide peels back the layers of “fluff” and shows you exactly how to get what you’ve been wanting for all of these years.

Haven’t you waited long enough for the life you want to begin? Make today the day that you start attracting the things that you deserve!

Let me ask you a question: What if this knowledge helps you manifest just ONE of your desires in your life? only ONE. What would that be worth to you?

Now ask yourself: What if there’s even a chance that this book can actually help you manifest one of your desires and change your life forever?

How much would that be worth to you? Ten thousand dollars? Hundred thousand? More? For most people I hear from, it would be priceless.

Just the OPPORTUNITY of having this kind of success in your life would be worth the investment. I personally invested years and thousands of dollars to unravel what I have shared in this book.

I wish that I would have been able to buy this knowledge, advice, and practical experience for $37, when I started this journey, years ago. And I know that you’ll be happy you made the investment in yourself once you have your first success after reading it.

Click Here To Download Now!

Wishing You the Manifestation of all your Desires,

Eric Amidi

Eric Amidi

Quotes From The Readers of My Book…

“Hi Dr Amidi, i just want to thank you for your great book! i purchased the book and dvd the secret a while ago and have had minor success… but after reading your book i feel i know how to operate myself since your book describes very well about manifesting and being aware of self talk and such… I know for definite i’ll have great success. I intend on spreading the word about your book as i feel there are many people out there who only know half of what they should regarding law of attraction. you have also saved me a great deal of money as there are courses from various sites that are asking 5-10+ times the amount your book sells for and they may not even have the secret ingredient in which you reveal. my sincere gratitude!!!
I’ll keep you posted with success stories..”

Best wishes and take care
Ivan C

“Dear Dr. Amidi,
I have to say for a $37 ebook your take on the Law of Attraction is the most effective I have experienced. I failed an audition in school for music and I started to get depressed but I saw an email from a friend and I watched the lady on Ted and led me to your ebook. I was desperate so I bought it. I have been interested in the law of attraction for about a year now and nothing has really worked. I tried your manifestation exercises for a week and things happened fast. I felt a tremendous amount of energy daily. I noticed that the right people came into my life at the right time. I noticed that all I had to do was to do what was put in front of me and believe in myself. Basically through a chain of events I persuaded the right people to let me do another audition and I passed. I was able to do my recital. Basically a week prior I thought it was impossible but I did it. The good thing about this process is you don’t have to be a watcher like other approaches. Or you don’t have to be a master of your mind to manifest. Other approaches like the dvd the secret are frothy and emotional they say “just visualize” “believe” “your wish is my command” but they don’t tell you the significance of why you need to do these things. Or teachers make the secret too hard. They you have to watch yourself and what you attract. Notice your submodalities, you strategies, what your beliefs are what your values. After you have done all this 6 months have gone by and you haven’t had the experience of manifesting anything. But the teacher says this takes time you have to pay the price, and the price is a lot work. But who had the time to master their mind, except for a serious seeker. This is a great process because it show you how to manifest quickly. It shows what Jack Canfield means when he says see it, feel it, believe it. In this day in age when everyone has an online course or a seminar or new way or a book a dvd, Eric’s ebook is the Robin Hood of the secret….

…Thank you Eric you have really helped awaken my higher self. I will never be the same.”

– Nate from California

“Thank you thankyou, I have been doing the basic’s for years, but LOVE your stuff. By-passing the logical is an excellent idea. Keep em coming……Bless you.”

Jacqueline from Las Vegas, Nevada
“The book helped me conceptualize my connection to the “god-force” in the universe. I feel more connected to my “creator” than ever before.”

Gerrit Timmerman, Midvale, Utah

“Dr. e, I think your work is fabulous! I have been battling my unconscious pain for a LONG time and am ready to be done with it. I am thrilled to have such a clear and guided path and feel I am at a real turning point. Thank you for your gift and for your personal interest in your fellow humans!”

Blessings, Tace S from Honolulu , Hawaii

“Hi there Dr.E………..Well i’m only on page 67 so far as i’m reading and letting its amazing power work its heavenly miracle upon me………i’m working through 30 yrs of negative influence in my life and daily negativity in my mind and boy has this book turned me inside out…..Thank you oh so much……..I’d put this understanding before medication anyday…..I’ll talk soon again on completion of this amazing book”

Michael F from Dublin, Ireland

“ The book is absolutely marvelous! It really helped me and also allows me to help my clients with manifesting their needs and desires. I read and re-read the book constantly. It really puts the Secret in perspective, and makes the material so much more useful. Your efforts have been so greatly appreciated. I thank you from the root of my soul ”

Inner Light, Julie A

“Hi Dr. Amidi, WOW! Where do I begin? It feels like I already knew alot of this stuff, but I didn’t know I knew it. I took about 20 pages of notes from the ebook. As I don’t have A printer. But I haven’t needed to go back to them. This stuff just seems to stick. I got A real physical “feeling” when I got married. A feeling that starts at the top of the head and goes through the whole body, well I get basically the same feeling, only much more powerful one when I reach my higher self. Thank You SOOOOO much for writing this ebook! I look forward to any future information from you.”

very sincerely William H from Dallas, Texas

“Although I embarassingly have only read about half of your book so far I feel the things you are sharing HAPPENING….”

Gary T

“I saw your e book on the internet and I new you had something that would help me “fine tune” my affirmations and meditations . This is KEY to making things reall manifest in your life instead of just hoping and dreaming!! Your approach to the subject is concise and reinforces the basic principales of the law of attraction ! It is a LAW of the universe! It HAS to work if your follow the right steps and FOLLOW UP on the leads that will develope out of your belief . Life is abuntant for all!
Thank you so much for helping to stay on course and keep believeing ! Your book is awsome in this regard.”
Thanks again, your buddy Dave

“ Thank you for writing this wonderful book. I can’t seem to put it down. I knew what to do before buying the book, I just didn’t know how. ”
God Bless you Rita V, from California

“ Thank you I absolutely loved the book”
Jane K. from Berowra, Australia

“ Eric, I have just read (and will read again and again) your book. I don’t even know how it came to me…. as I was going through different internet sites today. What I can tell you is that I’m glad I found you… (or you found me).Your book has helped answer a lot of my questions that I’ve had lately. I feel much more at peace and I haven’t even started my meditation yet.Your book was beautifully written and I was able to connect to everything you said.”
Thank you for writing it.
Carol L H from Fort Myers, Florida

“Dear Eric,
I don’t know if it’s you that reads this but I hope it is. As I said I found your e-book to be a key element in understanding what our relationship between the various aspects of personality/self are and the greater universe…”

“Dear Eric,
I have been a life long searcher and have used “The Secret” many times through out my life however: it has been in times of stress or great emotional turmoil. Using The Secret for me, is much like writing poetry. I am very good at it when I am emotionally charged.

Your book helped me to manifest without that emotional turmoil. I liked it very much….your book simplified the process. I loved the book and will recommend it to the “Searching” group that a friend and I are starting. We hope to find like minded people to do some serious work in this area.

Thank you so much for the book and keep up the good work.”
Nancy S

“Hi Dr. Amidi,

I am so happy that I did purchase your ebook.

After purchasing all the forms of The Secret, and reading material by various authors on the Law of Attraction, The Moses Code, and Dream Awakening – I was certain that I had the concept and knew what the various authors were trying to express.

But, not one of them went into depth to tell me how to make it work and the scientific basis behind the why and how it works – that is what you did. I finally understood. And that is what I needed.

I have begun the part of training my mind to being more aware of positive expression – verbally and mentally – and I find that being that aware is intriguing in that negative thoughts and words can creep into daily conversations and self-talk so easily.

But, I am doing much better now, about what I am putting out there in the Universe, than before I received and studied your material. My positive thinking friends laugh when they hear me correct my statements and as a result, I’ve become more thoughtful about what I say and think before I make statements.

I am willing to provide you more information as I am learning to utilize the relaxation methods. I have tried them all, and find that each one has its own benefits and all relieve stress and assist me in dealing with fibromyalgia.

Since, I have received, studied and started to use methods you give, I have been able to reduce the my intake of pain medications by 50% and I am more energetic, thinking more clearly, and remembering more. Thank you!!!

Thank you for your work. I am very happy I made the decision to purchase your ebook.”

Thanks again, Norma

“Hi, I have just read your explanation on karma. I suppose many would say its more involved than that but its the only description I have ever read that made sense to me. Thank you.”


“hi Dr,
it took me a couple of hours but I read your whole book, and you are right it was the next stepping stone I needed to really understand.
what is interesting about the lower and middle self I could really understand it from the left vs right side of the brain switch one goes through to do creative things like art or music
I use to teach that method to art classes all the time and with your explanation and my use of that system I have a very clear experience to draw from (no pun intended)

now I feel I am very equip to move forward to put this law and principle to work in my life I’ll keep you posted. all can say is thanks I know I am on the right path and I am excited !!”

Linda G

“Dr Eric Amidi. you are so so special and i hope that life in all its manifestations will bring me to one day be face to face with this man of so much substance. i have written the affirmations on my wall and will recite them frequently. i await your reple thank you ever so much”
🙂 Makayla W

“My friends are saying. ” You are so different what have you done?” I cannot find the words to explain. I just say to myself I wont say anything unless they mention the secret. Guess what the next part of the conversation is? Have your read the secret? So I have to tell them – “if they want to make the best investment of their life buy your book.” It will change your life if you follow the steps. Things just keep coming to me – my work has changed. My health has changed. My sleep pattern has changed. My clients are abundant everything I want appears at a cost I can afford. I just know things i never knew before. I see things like no one else does. I love every moment of my life and give thanks every day.

Thankyou Eric you are very kind for sharing this knowledge – I wish you good health and longevity my friend.”

From Deb

“Hi Dr. Eric , thank you for your emails, i love them , i am olways looking for a new mesage from you !
I have your book , it is great and i can’t wait for your Audio Series !”
Best of luck Alexandra !

“Hi Dr. E;

This has been by far the most interesting book I have read. I just finished it today and how pleasantly strange it was to try my first manifestation session only to return to my desk at work and have your email. I am in sales. The other day, I went into a conference call for a project for a company that was not likely to accepted our terms and the project is going thru our credit process right now.”
My best to you. Patrick

“It has helped me a lot during my difficult times.”
Pl share your discoveries.

“Dear Dr Eric,

Thank you for your e-mail which I was pleased to receive. I have read your book once with the intension to read it again and if necessary a third time. Time has not allowed me to do so but here is my success story.

Since having read your book I have embarked on a change to my course of life, by taking courses that would help me attain certain goals. I have just completed a very intense 10 week course which I never thought I will be able to complete given my existing work load and added personal commitments. I have plans to accomplish more desires as time goes on and will most certainly keep you posted.

I must add that this has been due to the application of the positive thought processes that I learnt to apply from reading your book. I have wider ambitions that I wish to attain, for now I’m taking things one at a time as they come.

Personally, I cannot thank you enough.”

Yours sincerely, Mahmoud from UK

“Dear Eric,
Thank You so much for your ever so wise and enlightening information, makes all the difference, it seems so simple when it is explained the way you do.”
Thank You Once Again
Kind Regards

“I learned about the book The Secret, the week my great Aunt passed. Meaning passed on in spirit. She was the matriarch of the family and the oldest living family member, so for my family this was big. Yes, this is the week I discovered the secret thanks to a very good friend.

From there I went on to discover a book by the name of Eat, Pray, Love, and even further from there I discovered the teachings of Abraham.

From the end of September until now has been a huge upheaval of learning and self discovery, and while there’ve been some bumps, some emotional moments, I discovered that I was more powerful than I’d given myself credit for, and that meditation is extremely important in terms of manifesting.

Just this past week I found out first hand just how obedient the law of attraction is for those of us who are more in tune with our inner selves, and possibly were unaware of how… well…. didn’t know our own strength.

I was in an unhappy place of employment, and no sooner than I spoke the words “I want to quit my job”, the following week or so after I stated that, they let me go. It was a combination of relief that I didn’t have to go back, and a slight devastation due to cosmetic appearances. You know what I mean by cosmetic. It looks like a disaster but it was actually a blessing.

I’ve also found that I “release” negativity faster than I did, and I am much more willing to let go, now that I know that by letting go I am allowing myself to move forward with the least amount of resistance.

Your ebook put things together for me in a way that the other books did not touch on. They didn’t touch on the concept of three parts of a persons being, and how they affect each other, and how they need to be approached. Talk about blowing your mind.

So I just wanted to thank you for your ebook and thank the teachers who brought forth books about the law of attraction because without them I would not have the knowledge I have today.”
Si E

“Dear Dr. E,
I really appreciate your message(s),
I just thought I’d confirm that I have already purchased a few weeks ago your e-book and that it has made me better understand how the secret works and why sometimes it doesn’t.
I am looking forward to hear more about your upcoming audio series.”
With the best vibrations, Pierre S

I have the DVD of the secret and I thought I would watch it and then read your book. Like most people I have many requests of the universe and had trouble focusing on just one, so my effectiveness with the law of attraction was not very good. Since, reading your book I have been able to focus my thoughts and energy more directly on my requests to the universe and am already beginning to see the law of attraction at work. I AM EXCITED!!! Now I know that can have an incredible influence on what comes into my life and what stays away. One more thing, this week, I am concentrating like never before on number I want to earn …………….. I AM BEING BLESSED! Thank you for sharing your book.”

Thank you so much for this great work of yours.That is great work for the awakening of human consciousness.We really need it at this time of our living.
I am following your report very well”
Thank you again!

“U r such an awesome Human Being 4 helping me and many others to achieve our goals n dreams. Im going through a divorce, have a21 yr old son, 20yr 0ld daughter in college and 13yr old daughter in Jr High. At the end of a long day, 7days a wk I ENJOY the wonderful thought of looking forward to your E-mails. You r so awesome. Im trying very hard to understand these instruments so that I can have the life I truly deserve to help my family and others. Thank You.”

“bought your e book and i have to say – you explain the secret better than anyone else who has written anything on the law of attraction. do you have more materials? do personal counseling?”
Thank you, Madeline

“Dear Eric,
I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your e-book. I bought it last week and read it immediately. I slowed down to read it for a second, third and [even a] fourth time.
The way you explain each of the processes, especially the middle, lower and higher selves was something I really needed to hear, in precisely the way you put it.
Your book is a wonderful contribution and I look forward to reading your newsletter as well.”
Warm regards,
Cole C

“Dear Amidi, thank you sooooooooooooo much for your E letters.
I’ve always ;looking forward recieving your high level advice.”
God bless you .
— S.Nejad

“Dr. Amidi,
I am truly blessed and encouraged to have read your book Believe and Manifest. Things are changing in my life right before my eyes. Before I began reading your book my life was in shambles. I was depressed, angry, destitute and feeling I had nothing to live for. My life was void and empty and I hated to see the beginning of each day because I knew it only held more of the same misery for me. I despaired of life and I wanted to end my life. Everything in my life had been destroyed. Little did I know that I was the one who was doing the destroying. Worst part of it all is that God had been trying to tell me many of the things that are in your book but I was never able to put it all together. He had told me great truths over the span of my life but I was so impatient, lacking self control, and failing to be consistent in the truths He had taught me. But thanks to you, now I understand. My eyes are open. I am at peace.
I am now beginning to fully grasp the great truths God had been trying to tell me all alone. I only needed someone, someone like you to guide me in the right direction.
You have helped me understand truths that no pastor, teacher, motivational speaker or anyone else has been able to explain.
I knew inside that there was something much more to this existence on earth because God had shown it to me. And now, I am on the road to prosperity, happiness and well being. Each day I grow and I shall master the Law of Attraction.
But the best part of all, I am now beginning to fully grasp the “Seven Powers of Ascension”. The first power it would appear that mankind has learned to unlock which is the Power to Create – The First Power, otherwise known as “The Law of Attraction”. The truth of the matter is these powers are not something that man has to learn to attain, rather, man has to learn to reattain.
For they were given to man from the beginning. “Let us therefore make man in our image, after our likeness”. We are merely returning to our original state of being as when we were first created, simply,
we are the very essence of God Himself. As DNA is to the human body, so it is that we come from the loins of God. We are Gods. Just the miniature version, but still very much God.
As I continue my journey now that I understand what God had been trying to teach me, I would love very much to share it with you. You could possibly help me put things in perspective and then we could share this knowledge with the world. I am not a scholar like you Dr. Emidi, I am a simple man and nor can I explain to you why God chose me to enlighten me regarding the truths that I know. But He did use you to help me understand and for that I am most grateful.
With your permission I would like to share with you the knowledge that God gave me as I now put it into practice what He has enlightened. Your book was the key that unlocked it and now I soar on the wind.”
Blessings and Peace,
Rick D

“Dr.Eric I would like to thank you for you ebook. I have clarified a lot of information that has been in my head for some years now. Your last email helped also. Things are changing for me in my life at this time and although through financial difficulties I cannot take advantage of your offer I picked out a few pointers that confirm what I already believe. As you say the trick is how to use the information, I am working on this. I feel a lot happier in myself and settled with my material conscious space, knowing that I can and will change things for my future. I realise that you are running a business but anything further that you can send me at this time would be most welcome. Thanking you once again, June.
Thank you. I finaly figured it out last night when I checked my mail. I read the whole book last night. It was so amazing I could not stop reading till I was finshed. Thank you! Defentently worth more then 37 dollars. I have been studing everything about the law of attraction but had so many question. This book gave me so many answers and more ”
Thank you very much! Christine F

“Dear Dr. Amidi,
I want to thank you very much for writing this book. I have read it and it explains things so nicely and makes clear what needs to be done. I can’t explain how greatful I am learning this information.”

“Good Morning Dr. E!
I shared your book with my Reiki Master as my sister and I completed our Master level training this past two weeks. She was totally impressed! She kept pulling little jems out and being so excited about it… so thank you, it made our training even more powerful…”
Have a great day, and thank you for writing the book.

“Dear Eric,
Thanks for writing your E Book. It looks very interesting, and life changing.”
Your friend,
Dr. Brian L, New Zealand

“Thank you I will and absolutely loved the book”
Jane K , Berowra, Australia

“Your book put into words and reinforced much of what I have felt for a long time. It just makes it all the more real and confirms what I feel. I just needed to be reminded to use the power I have always possessed. I look forward to your future e-mails.”
Thank you. Jane S

“Thank you so much for your interest in me by sending me an e mail. I am very exited about the book I book . I already read the first chapter and I can assure you I understand it much better then the Secret. I highly praise the way it is written and I thank you for it. I have a great wish in my life and when I think about the earth and all the marvellous things that are in it, I feel that what I am asking for is very minor and it can be given even though it might be a Little difficult I still believe. I will surely let you know if my wish and dreams turn out to be reality and if you could please send me any more tips I would greatly appreciate them.”
Thank you for your time in reading my letter. Anna M

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