The Story of the Little Sparrow [Part 1]

The Story of the Little Sparrow [Part 1]

In this e-letter, I am going to talk about finding a great hero that can change your life…

You may wonder, how…

Well, let me start off with the story of a little sparrow who found her great hero…

Your answer will be at the end of this story.

I am talking about a little sparrow who was living in an orchard; an orchard next to a very tall mountain; a mountain so tall that its peak was always in the clouds…

You could hear sparrows get together before dusk and dawn, chirp and make noises. That’s what sparrows do.

To us, they sound like they are making noises and chirping, but actually they like to get together, gossip, and tell stories.

One of the amazing stories they would always talk about was about a giant bird living at the top of the mountain.

Many of the sparrows didn’t believe in it. They would say the giant bird was only a myth and did not exist.

But, the little sparrow believed in the giant bird more than anything. She could feel it.

She believed in the giant bird so much, that sometimes at night when she would stare at the shiny snow covered mountain, she could hear the big bird’s scream echo from the top of the mountain… but she was the only one who could hear that. All the other sparrows were sound asleep.

The little sparrow was determined to find the giant bird. She wanted to meet the giant bird to ask him how he could fly so high, how he could stand the cold weather at the top of the mountain, and finally how he could be so strong.

So one day she decided to climb the mountain and meet her hero… that was her mission.

When other sparrows found out about her mission, they turned her into a laughing stock, making fun of her ambition…

They would make fun of her, calling her crazy… They would say “Who do you think you are?… you are just a little bird. You can’t fly that high. Even if you could get that high, you can’t stand the cold”.

Even her friends would say “The giant bird is only a myth. It doesn’t exist. Why would you want to give up your comfortable life here for a dream and an illusion?”

But, the little sparrow knew her dream was not an illusion. She could imagine meeting the giant bird so vividly. She could feel that she was standing next to her hero at the top of the mountain looking down at the orchard.

The urge to find her hero was so intense that had become her life’s mission. She made up her mind and planned her journey to the top of the mountain.

One morning, as all the sparrows got together to chat, gossip, and waste time as usual, the little sparrow was missing.

She had started her journey.

But her journey was tougher than she thought. She would fly up the mountain a little and then she’d stop to rest. It was so difficult for her. After all, she was just a little bird who was used to flying from one tree branch to another… nothing more that.

By mid-day she was so tired, even though she hadn’t made it that high up yet. She couldn’t fly higher anymore. The weather was getting colder and colder too. Her thin feathers were no match for the penetrating cold breeze in the mountain.

She had no choice… she had to climb down the mountain and go back home…

It was before the sunset and all the sparrows were together gossiping as usual, when they noticed the little sparrow coming down the mountain, tired and broken, with her head down…

They all burst out laughing at the little sparrow, humiliating her. Her friends were telling her “We told you so. Why are you so stubborn? The giant bird doesn’t exist”.

Other sparrows were less kind. They made fun of her and called her stupid. One of the sparrows put large leaves over his wings and yelled at the little sparrow “Here’s your hero! … I am the giant bird” while other sparrows watched and laughed.

The little sparrow was so humiliated and broken…

But wait… this is not the end of the story…

Do you really think the giant bird didn’t exist?

Do you think the little sparrow was just a crazy dreamer?

What the little sparrow did next and what she found out will surprise you…

So make sure you read the next e-letters for the ending of the story.