Wealth Manifestation Session – 2

Just followed it through a session…WOW !!! I LOVE IT !!!!.Thankyou so much for such a wonderful session. It was so easy to go with it and drift into the receptive state….BRILLIANT.

Thank you, also, for teaching the “*********************” technique…it makes it all so much easier to contend with….fears need not be daunting any longer.

Thanks again
– Pauline S from Bellthorpe, Australia

*** References to the contents of the imagery are replaced with *** to let you experience the imagery yourself during the session for the first time.

This “Wealth Manifestation Session”
Audio Will Show You:

  • The things to do to prepare a powerful and emotionally impacting Manifestation Session.
  • The biggest obstacle when trying to manifest your desire…and what you can do to remove it for good.
  • How to reach the deepest relaxations ever, using the most powerful scientific method.
  • How to quiet your logical conscious mind completely, become one with the universe, and attract your desires in your life.
  • How to experience the most stunning imagery to get rid of past undesirable experiences for good.
  • How to experience the most breathtaking imagery for wealth manifestations.