Answers Manifestation Session – 2

I found it to be the best meditation I have come across.

I literally felt lifted from the earth into my special place, and yes received my answer.

In between listening, I feel a warm feeling every time I think of the Audio.

I think it maybe one of the best things I have purchased.

Warmest regards,
June,New South Wales, Australia

You Will Receive Your Desires,

Only When You Ask For It

The Right Way

If you ask for your desire the wrong way, you may actually block the manifestation of your desire. If your request does not reach the deepest level of your subconscious mind and inner self, it will not be answered. It will always be a wishful thinking.

The judgements and blocks of the logical conscious mind clutter the path to your subconscious mind. This Audio shows you how to keep the path to your inner self clear.

That way when your subconscious mind comes up with great answers to any problem, they will not be blocked. The answers and great ideas will surface from your inner self easily.