The Story of the Little Sparrow [Part 2]

The Story of the Little Sparrow [Part 2]

In the previous e-letter, I told you about the story of a little sparrow who set out to find her hero, the giant bird, at the top of a mountain.

If you remember, she could not make it to the top and had to come back before going too far… She was humiliated by the other sparrows…

But, deep down she could feel that the giant bird existed. She could not let go of that feeling…

So she decided to try again. But this time she kept it a secret from other sparrows.

She got up in the morning and climbed the mountain. She climbed to the point that she had tried before and came back home. but this time it was much easier for her.

The next morning, she tried again and climbed a little higher, before coming back down.

She kept doing that everyday. But everyday she would go just a little bit higher. As weeks passed by, she learned to fly higher and higher. She also grow thicker feathers, so the cold wouldn’t bother her anymore.

The first time, when she was climbing down, she felt like a failure. But now she was doing that everyday and wouldn’t consider it a failure.

She learned that the path to the top is not a straight-up climb, but it takes many attempts. And each attempt makes her stronger and closer to her goal.

Everyday, as she would come back home, she would see the other sparrows, sitting around gossiping and wasting their time. But she would never join them anymore. She would just pass by, ignoring them.

She knew that hanging around with them would only hurt her beliefs. She knew that the other sparrows had never done anything. They would just hop from one tree to another and make fun of anyone who wanted to do something valuable.

Almost a year passed and now the little sparrow would take days at a time to climb up and down the mountain. She was now stronger and had a thick set of feathers. She had started to look different from other sparrows. She was reaching the heights very close to the top.

And the day of the final attempt came. She decided to go all the way to the top this time…

It took her a week and an incredible effort to get close to the top. She withstood the cold and all the hardships.

After a week of climbing, early one morning, she was preparing for the last jump; the leap to the top…

Her heart was filled with excitement… The day had come for her to meet her hero, the giant bird…

She took the final leap and landed on the top of the mountain…

Incredible! She was right, the giant bird did exist indeed!

What she saw at the top of the mountain shocked her!

Do you know what she saw?

What do you think the giant bird looked like?

Well, this e-letter is getting too long.

Make sure you read the next e-letter for the conclusion of this story...

You will find out what the little sparrow saw at the top of the mountain…