Who We Are and What We Do

At Believe and Manifest Inc, we strive to base self-improvement on science. The challenges of everyday life today, underscore the need for greater self awareness and mastery of self. Our goal is to go beyond the esoteric and mystical and provide our members and customers with tangible and practical tools to manifest their desires and achieve their goals in their personal and professional lives.

Human brain is considered as one of the most complex systems in nature. It contains close to 100 billion neurons with about 100 trillion (That’s 100 million million) connections between them. This highlights the vast number of possibilities by which our thoughts and emotions, and so our lives can be reshaped.

Today, more than any other time, one must master his or her mind to survive and thrive. It is our mission to be a helping hand in your journey of self mastery.


Hi, I am Michael (Bernie) Bernstein, the President of Believe And Manifest.

I have always believed that we attract our deepest desires in our lives. I always had this desire to have a network of like-minded people where I could share my interests in topics such as manifestations and the Power of Mind. I became a Believe And Manifest subscriber. It didn’t take me long that this desire manifested in my life and I am now the President of the Believe And Manifest. Yes, when you truly believe, you manifest your desire!


Believe And Manifest Inc was founded by Dr. Eric Amidi. Dr. Eric Amidi is a Particle Physicist and a best-selling author. His areas of interest range from the most fundamental building blocks of the universe to the inner workings of the human mind and its potential.

Dr. Eric Amidi discovered the Top Quark along with a group of physicist at Fermi national laboratory on March 2nd, 1995.

He used Artificial Neural Networks in his research. Artificial Neural Networks are software programs that model the learning process in human brain.