Lesson 1A: Quantum Worldview

According to Quantum Worldview, You, the Observer, Creates The Reality.


uantum Physics provides the best demonstration of Subjective Reality.

Up to early 20th century, scientists believed that the external world was separate from how we perceive the world. They believed to understand the universe and its laws, all we had to do was experiments, and those experiments show us the way the universe works.

They believed that no matter how we observed the universe, it should behave the same way, because they thought that the nature’s laws were independent from our observations. They believed that the world was the same regardless of whether we observe it or not.

In early 20th century, physicists started seeing phenomena in the lab, which seemed very strange and confusing. They couldn’t explain them. They started seeing things that made them question the reality itself!

So how did the whole thing get started?

Well, the whole thing started over an argument among physicists about the nature of light.

Some physicists believed the light was made of little balls of energy; the particles.

While some others were convinced that the light was a wave and it’d get spread around like a wave on a surface of a pond, when you throw a pebble in it.

So here’s how the argument started!

Isaac Newton

Light is made of tiny little particles. They get shot around from the source of light and that’s how the light spreads.

James Clerk Maxwell

No, Light is a wave. It spreads around the same way the waves spread, when you drop a pebble in a lake.

Albert Einstein

No Sir, Newton was right. Light is made of tiny particles called “photons”. Check out my “Photo Electric” experiment!

So the argument kept going. Some physicists believed all matter in universe was made of particles and some believed all matter was waves.

Louis de Broglie

No way, Not only light is a wave, in fact, all matter is a wave. Even electrons are a wave too. Davisson–Germer experiment proves that!

So Which One is it? Is it Wave or Particle?

As it turns out, all matter behaves like particle to those who want to see a particle in their experiment, and behaves like wave to those who want to see wave in their experiment. Yes, it was their instrument setup!

They would see what they wanted to see. The universe doesn’t have a fixed reality. It shapes itself based what you want to see!

Change Your Perceptions to Change Your Reality

Quantum Physics shows us that the reality is not set in stone and solid. The reality of the universe is the result of our interaction with the world.

So a big part how things are in the universe is how we decide to perceive it.

“Everything we call real is
made of things that cannot be regarded as real.”

~ Niels Bohr